A little about me. 

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My Health Journey: Ever since I was a child, my health had never been perfect. It was not as horrible as some people experience. I like to count my blessings. But when I think of childhood, I like to imagine care-free, mud covered toes enjoying life. Although I had beautiful moments, there was always a pain lingering. Often that was in my stomach. I had horrible embarrassing cramps and gas I would try to push through and hold in during class. I also had a terrible knee pain that brought me to the doctor's many many times. I was pushed away to my embarrassment as it being labeled "growing pains." But in my persistence over a few years, as it was painful to walk, they found through MRI imaging that there was inflammation and my cartilage was wearing away in both knees but especially my right. They stated it was 3 times smaller than it should be. That started at 10 years old. If this was a person above 60 they would have said it was arthritis, but a 10 year old... they just didn't know what to say or do so, I inevitably was left to suffer. My knee pain was so bad as an adult in 2015 that I could not walk up the stairs in our home and would cry during intimacy with my husband. Things had to change. I began taking calcium supplements, which only made matters worse.   

Come October 2016 my life was about to change. At this point I had 3 children in a few short years and packed on extra weight. I was at my heaviest of 210 pounds which made all of my symptoms worse. I had been suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic knee pain and degeneration since I was a child, an eating disorder since I was a teen, tonsil stones, acne, thyroid weakness, connective tissue weakness, gastro-intestinal absorption and utilization troubles, a 6-year unhealed tear from my first child birth, psoriasis, among many other little things. There wasn't any way I could continue going down that path to failing health.



 Many things changed in October 2016. I had a new drive in life. I started working out (which I actually wouldn't recommend now right off the bat because intense workouts are acidic and on top of an already acidic body - is just not a good idea...) I started many fad diets like high protein KETO - low carb, gluten free, cheese and meat only, lots of cooked veggies, portion control, and on and on. Nothing made me feel good, just worse. Then I stumbled on Dr. Robert Morse and heard TRUTH. All that jazz about acid and alkaline, kidney filtration and cellular detoxification. It resonated with every inch of my being. After some hesitation and not very much support, I knew I had to at least try it. It was the best decision I ever made in my life. 

I've since healed all those problems I previously listed and so far have lost a total of 80 pounds... EFFORTLESSLY. My knee pain is healed I can run with my children, live life to the fullest. There is just nothing like knowing pain and having suffering keeping you from the little joys in life then to get that freedom back after self-determination and self-love, there is NOTHING that can stop you! 

After spending literally countless days (almost two years now) watching Dr. Robert Morse N.D. on Youtube, healing my body using herbs and the art of detoxification, I decided to become certified under Morse at the International School of Detoxification. I have come to know so intimately that this IS the highest level of healing available. I knew deep down that I needed to share this knowledge with others! 

Matt From Raw Intuition Interviews Brooke from Deep Roots Detox on her healing journey.

Before and After 78 pound weight loss and reversing health problems with cellular detoxification and regeneration

Before and After 78 pound weight loss and reversing health problems with cellular detoxification and regeneration