What is Detoxification?

What if I told you that it was possible to REVERSE your health problems, just like I did. If you are like most I bet you'd probably hesitate at the idea. MAYBE even think I had one screw loose. Why is it so hard to believe? I'll generalize it to one wide-scope answer which is that we live in a treatment based society, one that doesn't get to the cause of things but likes bandaids. 

Well, I am here to light the path for you. There is more to life than your pain! Our authentic selves are waiting to burst out of the prisons we created, our physical ailing bodies. Getting to the cause is as easy as understanding a few things;

 1) On a chemistry and physical level our bodies can only utilize certain foods which are fruits, most vegetables, herbs,

and on occasion some seeds and nuts. 

2) If you put primarily that nutrition and chemistry in, your body will become more alkaline leading you to detox out the built up toxins from the other food choices like meat, dairy, grains and processed foods.


It sounds so simple. Too simple? I bet you have a TON of questions. And of course, I have several recommendations because you don't want to jump right into this unless you absolutely need to. I can help create a personalized protocol for you to get you on the right track. Check out some articles in the BLOG that will help you further understand nutrition. I have several educational videos under my youtube channel. The biggest resource you can have starting would be on my private facebook group. Check out the “UNITS” tab where you can find FREE books, scholarly articles supporting detoxification and so much more. I also frequently run Detox Challenges and have a beautiful supportive community there. Check it out!



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