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Deep Roots Detox


Detox | Nutrition | Healing | Weight Loss 




True Health BundLe

Are you looking to get back on track, lose weight and keep it off this time, HEAL your body of any health ailments? This package is what you are looking for. 


Phone or video sessions are available at 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals. After purchase, Brooke will contact you to schedule a time.

True Health Workshops
Live-Stream or in person


Brooke will give an in depth video presentation about detoxification and how to achieve optimal health. A demonstration of how to prepare various Detoxification smoothies, meals, snacks and desserts will follow ... If it is an in-person Workshop, the group will get to eat all the food prepared, so come hungry! 


Detoxification & Cellular Regeneration

If you are feeling pain in any area of your body, you are experiencing stagnant lymph in your lymphatic system. This coagulates around genetically weak areas. You may experience little symptoms like acne or skin irritations which is lymph trying to escape through your skin instead of it's intended exit point (through the kidneys), maybe you have digestion issues, inflammation or even labeled with a "disease" or "disorder". It is important to step outside of the medical world with complex terminology and learn what is really going on in your body... 


Detox Journey Interviews

Follow along in a video series where I interview people about their quest for health on their detox journey.

They share their triumphs, challenges and healing crisis symptoms. As well as tips on detox and how to deal with unexpected obstacles like social relationships. We also chat about the emotional and spiritual aspect of detox. 


Blog Articles 

Learn more about topics you may be wondering about during detoxification.